Windowshield Specification

WindowShield Frame
Bespoke 2-part extruded aluminium section (approx 35mm x 40mm), the corners are mitred and welded for optimum strength. The second part of the frame locks the screen into place for added security using security headed screws. The frame is powdercoated white or black as standard, although any Ral colour is available upon request.

Attack Resistant Polycarbonate
6mm upto 12mm polycarbonate with light transmission levels from 92%. Polycarbonate gives increased strength of 200 – 300 times that of normal glass, it will not break crack or shatter when under physical attack.

Co-extruded UV Protection
The WindowShield has a high performance UV absorption layer co-extruded on both surfaces which prevents damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet. UV protection means longer life, preventing yellowing and loss of strength. It cuts out 98% of harmful UV radiation, protecting those working or playing beneath it.

Chemical Resistant
The hard gloss finish of the WindowShield polycarbonate has been specially formulated to withstand contact from a wide range of cleaning agents and organic solvents, a major advantage over standard polycarbonate. Therefore, after attack from ‘graffiti artists’ WindowShield can be cleaned.

WindowShield polycarbonate has excellent resistance to the weather and atmospheric conditions. It is manufactured for Crimeshield Manufacturing to comply with international quality standards certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Abrasion Tests
Taber abrasion – Test: ASTM D1044 – 78 Resistance of transparent plastics to surface abrasion. This is the most controlled and most widely accepted method for testing the abrasion resistance of a transparent substrate.Test: CS 10 F abrasion wheels with a 500g load are run across the sheet 100 times. The results are measured using a haze measurement test:ASTM D1003 Test for haze and luminous transmittance of transparent plastics.

Haze Change

Unprotected Polycarbonate    29.5

Treated WindowShield              3.6