Riot Proof Windows

Introducing the WindowShield, an invisible product in the fight against crime.



No more broken windows, smashed shop fronts or broken glass!

  • The WindowShield looks just any other window, but its up to 300 times stronger than normal glass making it virtually riot-proof.
  • The WindowShield will not break, smash or crack.
  • It cuts out UV light meaning no fading colours for you display window.
  • A hard gloss finish of the WindowShield polycarbonate has been specially formulated to withstand contact from a wide range of cleaning agents and organic solvents, a major advantage over standard polycarbonate. Therefore, after an attack from ‘graffiti artists’ WindowShield can easily be cleaned.
  • WindowShield polycarbonate has excellent resistance to the weather and atmospheric conditions. It is manufactured for Crimeshield Manufacturing to comply with international quality standards certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

With Riots in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and further your business could be gone overnight

Don’t let that happen!

Protect your living from rioters, looters and other opportunists.

Protect your Family!

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