Anti Vandal Windows

Are you tired of being targeted by vandals who are set on damaging your property?  Are you specifying a job for a client who has been suffering from attacks of vandalism?  Then you need anti vandal windows to property your possessions and your property.

Vandalism Proof Barriers

Vandalism accounted for 25% of all crimes recorded in the British Crime Survey (BCS) from April 2010 – June 2010.  Worrying numbers of businesses and members of the general public are facing attacks and suffering criminsl damage.

But if you are – or if you have a client who is – a victim of this anti social behaviour you don’t have to suffer in silence.  Instead you can install high security windows like the WindowShield unbreakable window barrier.

Tough Anti Vandal Protection

The WindowShield anti-vandalism window effectively provides protection against attack.  The vandalism resistant barrier can withstand blows from a variety of objects for a sustained period. The specially developed polycarbonate glazing is significantly stronger than even reinforced glass, giving you the toughest protection.

The clear barrier is available in thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 12mm. This means that even if you or your client has large windows, WindowShield is a viable security solution.

6mm thick barriers can be fitted into smaller spaces, providing an effective shield against attack.  A 12mm thick window is the best choice for a large frame, as it is a sturdier windowpane.  This is ideal for retail establishments who need vandalism barriers that still allow them to display their products.

Peventing Crime Against Your Property

WindowShield anti vandal windows will make a property safe against many forms of attack.  Burglars often seek to break into buildings through windows – or glass panes in doors – as they are usually the most vulnerable point  of entry.

With this unbreakable window installed, you or your client can be assured that your property is secure – the window has been effectively sealed to unauthorised entry.

If you or your client do not need maximum visibility from your protection against criminal damage, unobtrusive Crimeshield window grilles may be for you.  But, for a high quality physical security solution that is totally transparent, you need WindowShield, the anti vandal windowContact us to discuss your security needs and we can help you to decide which architectural product you need.