Security Grilles

We have now added to our product range a variety of retractable security grilles. Retractable grilles provide the perfect solution when you need something extremely strong that can also be quickly and easily shut away out of site. In fact, so convenient is the collapsible mechanism that many households are now using them for domestic purposes. Their main application, however, continues to be for shops, hotels and industrial units where they provide an extremely strong level of additional window security.

Windows are often considered the ‘Achilles heel’ of a buildings physical security, which is why Crimeshields have poured so much time into investigating the most effective method of protecting these weak points. While not the only answer, window grilles are unquestionably one of the most popular solutions and it’s easy to understand why. Despite tending to be on the inside of windows, security grilles, also known as concertina grilles, are one of the most effective deterrents to would-be intruders as they know there is little point in smashing a window and setting of the alarm, only to then face the time consuming – if not completely impossible – battle of getting through the grille. For this reason internal security grilles are ironically one of the most effective forms of security as they stop break-ins before they’ve even started.

Like all our products, because we deal directly with the manufacturer we are able to offer a level of pricing unmatched by most of our market. That same relationship has also resulted in an intimate knowledge of the products allowing us to provide an extremely high level of ongoing support and repair work to ensure you have complete peace regarding the security of your premises no matter what the future holds.

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