Keeping Up Appearances

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A paper by Mike Bluestone, Corps Security Neglecting the general appearance of a building and its surroundings can attract vandals, leading to an increase in crime and antisocial behaviour that can easily spiral out of control. Mike Bluestone, explains the principles behind broken window theory and suggests ways that facilities managers can avoid their premises [...]

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Crimeshield were recently approached by the BBC’s DIY SOS to assist on a Big Build project to rejuvenate a run down community centre in Liverpool. The product the researchers wanted to use was the “Windowshield” to utilise the incredible strength of the barrier whilst retaining a softer appearance for the asthetics of the building. The [...]

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Shop Security

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Shop security doesn’t have to be a concern, thanks to Crimeshield manufacturing Ltd, shop owners are not limited to iron bars, roller shutters or a limited plastic film… read more

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Safety and Security – Regulation 14

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When complying with regulation 14, speak to crimeshield manufacturing and have that added peace of mind that not only are your employees, customers or visitors safe from glazing accidents, your building, shop, school or venue is secure from vandals and breakins too.

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Security in Schools

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75% of all crimes commited against schools are opportunistic and will be carried out by outsiders, parents, pupils and even staff. CrimeShield help to prevent…

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