Roller Shutters

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Crimeshields now also provide a range of security shutters to fit almost any requirement. Whether it’s for industrial, retail or domestic use, roller shutters are one of the most popular methods of securing your property against would-be intruders and physical attacks of any kind. During the riots last summer it was largely thanks to security shutters that considerably larger numbers of shops and premises weren’t looted and destroyed.

We also find that many schools and hospitals are now making use of roller shutters on both windows and doors as an extra level of security. Likewise factories with valuable stock frequently revert to roller shutter doors as a means of protecting their assets. It also helps with insurance as many companies will insist upon a certain level of physical security in order to adhere to their guidelines and be eligible for compensation in the event of a claim.

Because we deal directly with the manufacturer we’re able to offer extremely competitive rates. Furthermore, our team is packed with experienced and highly skilled professionals so we can provide all the ongoing support and repair work required, giving you absolute peace of mind that no matter what happens, your property will always remain secure and protected.

We operate throughout the UK so no matter where you are you can always depend on Crimeshields for all your roller shutter requirements. Call us today on 0800 980 9444 or email to speak to one of our trained experts.