London Shop Front Security

Choosing the right security for your shop front can be tricky, but Crime Shield Manufacturing are here to provide some answers. So your wondering…

Is there a product that is geared towards anti-vandalism? Yes

Is there a window that is unbreakable? Yes

Is there a product that would withstand a riot? Yes

Can I have a secure window that looks no different from any other? Yes

Can I have a window that prevents my products from fading in sunlight? Yes

Yes, you can have all all of the above in a new product we call the ‘WindowShield’.  The WindowShield is a high security window made from a specially treated polycarbonate and fitted within our secure aluminium frame.  It allows shop fronts to stay secure 24 hours a day without the need for shutters. Your shop front can carry on advertising while you sleep, safe in the knowledge that your windows are secure. This is especially important in city centres like London when potential customers could be passing by at any time of day or night. This is window protection at its best.

If a visible deterant is required, then security mesh is your answer, although surprisingly not as strong as the WindowShield but still highly effective, a security mesh can be fitted over your existing windows forming an effective barrier against your windows. This is known as the CrimeShield Window Grille. The Grille is fixed over the window and against the brickwork, held with a true security fixing unique to CrimeShield. In certain instances this may be requested for the inside, the Window Grill can cover this too.

We understand that Shop front protection is important to you, and thats why we can give you the peace of mind knowing your shop windows are secure when fitted with our window security products.