Window Security Mesh

The Crimeshield barrier is a highly effective window security mesh that is sought after by businesses, public sector workers and members of the general public to provide superior protection for their property.

The innovative design was one of the first security meshes to be developed, finally offering architects an effective but attractive window grille to specify for their clients.

Crimeshield Security Mesh

The Crimeshield barrier is a durable and reliable deterrent for would-be burglars and vandals.  The mesh is formed from galvanised and perforated steel to provide a barrier that is virtually impenetrable.

But you have no need to worry about light levels when you have Crimeshield installed.

A specialised pattern has been developed in the security mesh to allow the maximum amount of natural light through the window, while still offering high security.

Indeed, this window security mesh allows as much as 60% of daylight to pass through, ensuring high visibility levels inside the building.

The strength of the Crimeshield security mesh, combined with the discreet appearance, has made it a popular choice of window barrier.  Members of the police have welcomed its use in preventing crime, architects are happy to specify its use and it is insurance approved.

Whether you are troubled by vandalism or bothered by burglars, the Crimeshield barrier can protect your property.  If you need a product that is entirely “invisible”, try Windowshield our high security windows.  But if you would prefer an attractive tinted window effect, Crimeshield is for you.

For more information about the Crimeshield window security mesh, contact us today.  We can offer advice and help with any concerns or questions that you might have.