Crimeshield Specification

WindowShield Frame
Bespoke 2-part extruded aluminium section (approx 35mm x 40mm), the corners are mitred and welded for optimum strength. The second part of the frame locks the mesh into place for added security using security headed screws. The frame is powdercoated white or black as standard, although any Ral colour is available upon request.

Galvanised steel 2mm thick, perforation pattern of
4mm hole on 5mm pitch staggered at 60 Deg diagonal pitch (this pattern was chosen to balance maximum light with maximum strength). The finished mesh is powdercoated black.

Bespoke (ie true security fixings that only Crimeshield are allowed to use) 5.0 x 50mm screws for face fixing.
4.5 x 80 screws for reveal fixing.

Downloadable Technical Installation Drawings