Burglar Proof Window

Being burgled is a distressing experience:  Whether someone has broken into your home or business, the loss of possessions, cost of replacing items and unauthorised entry to your property can make you feel unsafe.  That’s where burglar proof window barriers from Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd come in.

Effective Barrier Against Burglars

The Crimeshield security window grille is a highly effective solution for stopping burglars from breaking and entering.  The window is usually the weakest point in a building, making it the entrance of choice for criminals set on stealing your belongs.  By installing a Crimeshield barrier, you can stop thieves from breaking into your building.

Crimeshield is an attractive architectural product, providing security without negatively affecting the outward appearance of your property.  The security mesh looks just like tinted glass from a distance, but up close the burglar proof barrier is a visible warning to criminals.

Strong Steel Burglary Proof Barriers

Crimeshield is a perforate steel mesh that can be fitted into either new or existing windows and doors. The perforation pattern was specifically developed to allow maximum visibility inside buildings, while offering superior burglary prevention.

The barrier is galvanised and powdercoated to ensure long lasting durability, giving protection against burglary for years to come.  The bespoke screw fittings give optimum security as only Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd and chosen distributors can use these to install these burglar barriers.

Secure Windows Without Ugly Bars

These window security grills are an appealing alternative to burglar bars for windows, roller shutters and othe cumbersome security devices.

If you need an invisible solution, you should consider installing WindowShield clear security windows.  But for an affordable and unobtrusive burglar proof window barrier, look no further than Crimeshield.