Shop Security

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In this day and age shop security is an important factor for any retailer. I’m not referring to security tags, mirrors or alarms, although these all play an important part in your shops security, no, I’m referring to your windows… how many times have you heard stories or even seen windows smashed by hooligans looking for a kick. Especially at night when the pubs close and that youth is looking for his or her last bit of fun on the way home. Obviously not thinking about the consequencies the shop owner has to deal with. Broken glass, late call outs, damaged stock…

Shop security doesn’t have to be a concern though, thanks to Crimeshield manufacturing Ltd, shop owners are not limited to iron bars, roller shutters or a limited plastic film. Crimeshield have developed the windowshield barrier, although relatively new to the market town planners love it and rightly so. The windowshield is barley noticable yet highly effective. Your shop display can be on show 24 hours a day, window shoppers are no longer put off by restrictive views of your products, they can see clearly whilst anyone wishing to attack the window will so think again. You can see on our home page a windowshield being put through its paces. Baseball bats, bricks, hammers will not break through. Its frame comes in various colours however any colour can be provided on request.

If you are planning your shop security, give crimeshield a call for some expert advice. 01384 480202

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