Safety and Security – Regulation 14

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Accidents around glass windows do happen and happen more often than may think.
The health and safety wealfare act includes regulations that came into force in 1992 to implement the EC workplace directive, of which regulation 14 includes requirements for glazing in the workplace. These regulations apply to a vast array of workplaces including, schools, factories, offices shops, hospitals, hotels, entertainment venues and so on. The duty falls onto the employer, although this also extends to the landlord or building owner to ensure that they comply.

So what does Regulation 14 require?

The regulation states that every window, door or translucent suface of a wall, door gate or partition should be protected for reasons of health and saftey againsts breakage and be appropriately marked or incorpriate features to make it apparent.
Further requirements can be found here but in short Crimeshield can offer you a solution.

Our windowshield barrier is a specially coated polycarbonate in a coated aluminium frame that covers your glass and protecting it from breakages, breakins and vandalism. The crimeshield also mounted within a frame which covers your windows providing a tough mesh yet allowing natual light though. Both offer protection from accidents and provide a level of security previously only offered by ugly steel shutters.

When complying with regulation 14, speak to crimeshield manufacturing and have that added peace of mind that not only are your employees, customers or visitors safe from glazing accidents, your building, shop, school or venue is secure from vandals and breakins too.

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