Window Security

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Businesses and Shop owners no longer have to worry about the aesthetics of window security. Crime Shield Manufacturing provide a security product that is not only pleasing on the eye, it offers far better protection than that of its rivals. Window security until now came in the shape of bars, grilles or security mesh, which although can deter vandals and breakins often give an ambience of distrust towards potential customers. Crime Shield have a solution to window security that we think will impress. Known as the WindowShield Barrier this subtle form of glass protection offers a meaty punch, its an unbreakable window that’s.

  • A Polycarbonate glazing up to 300 times stronger than glass.
  • Transparent, but cuts out over 99% of harmful UV rays (displays stay colourful)
  • Appearing as a subtle secondary glazed unit.

Breakins and vandalism cause more money in damage costs than it would to install the WindowShield Barrier many times over, its the natural way forward in window security. For shop owners this means no more broken windows or callouts during the middle of the night, in fact your display will be on show safe and secure advertising 24 hours a day while you have peace of mind knowing that you have an unbreakable window.

If this sounds like a product that you could benifit from, give us a quick call 01384 480202