Polycarbonate Windows

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Crimeshield Offer Glass Protection in the form of Security Grilles, Window Guards, Window Grilles and Window Barriers. However other terms you might of found Crime Shield by are Window grills, window mesh, unbreakable glass or unbreakable windows. All these terms relate to our products but one in particular should stand out. The CrimeShield window barrier. The crime shield window barrier means no more broken glass. Its the best form of shop window protection on the market. There is no need for security grilles or security mesh. Its a polycarbonate window which means its an unbreakable window! Glass protection comes in the form of a polycarbonate window barrier which protects your glass windows. Its specially coated with a unique formula to offer vandal protection. Cleaning agents have no adverse effects as a result of the vandal protected coating.

Crime shield window barrier is the natural choice when it comes to shop window protection. Providing 24 hour window protection without unsightly window grills, bars or even roller shutters. Roller shutters often have a detrimental effect on towns and villages which is why town planners look for alternatives. Crimeshield have the answer. There is no need to request planning permission when installing a CrimeShield window barrier yet you will find its far more secure and yet visually appealing than other window solutions. Its the only alternative to Roller shutters which is an all round better window security product.