The CrimeShield window and door security system

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Architecturally conceived… aesthetically enchancing… the crime shield window and door security system

The CrimeShield is a superior physical deterrent, its a durable metal screen mounted in front of or behind existing windows preventing unauthorised access. Its perforated barrier component is a specially formulated steel security mesh 2mm thick allowing light through yet keeping burglars out. Specially formulated because from a customers point of view it draws the eye through the mesh towards the outside world.


Manufacture and installation is often more economical than replacing broken windows or paying additional premiums.


Crime Shield has been tested to achieve a number of acceditations and is a unique security product, that said Crime Shield is a versatile product and can be used in a number of other situations, for example its ideal for smoking shelters, bus shelters or even development sites for housing tools or materials.

The frame is designed in heavy gauge two piece aluminium extrusion; mitred keyed and welded. Finished in normally in black or white but can provide any other colour on request.


CrimeShield offer a bespoke service and can taylor our products to your needs, should you wish to discuss this or any other product call us on 01384 480202