Anti-Vandal Security Measures

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There are numerous articles on anti-vandalism, prevention methods that don’t really work or anti-vandal security devices that don’t live up to their bold claims, but one obvious thing that is over looked…

Anti-Vandal Windows

Often the sight of graffiti promotes further acts of vandalism and in turn leads to business loss in the drop off of customers. This can be a downward spiral and difficult to escape. Luckily CrimeShield Manufacturing have introduced a new product know as the WindowShield in the anti-vandalism fight. Its hard gloss finsish has been specially formulated to withstand contact from a wide range of cleaning agents and organic solvents, meaning after any graffiti attack the WindowShield can be easily cleaned.

Vandalism is not just graffiti though, broken windows are another unsightly factor in the downturn of business. Fortunatley the anti-vandalism WindowShield has this covered too. A 6mm polycarbonate gives strenghts of 200 to 300 times stronger than that of normal glass windows meaning it will not smash, break, crack or shatter in a vandal attack.

The WindowShield has an excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions too and is manufactured to comply with international standards certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000

When Vandalism is a problem – the WindowShield is your answer – but why wait that long!