Cleaning Up Wolverhampton

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As calm was restored to the streets of Wolverhampton yestereday, two facebook pages entitled ‘Clean up Wolverhampton’ had been set up asking for people to turn up to The Prince Albert Statue in Queen Square between 8am and 9am. Clean ups were due to run till 12pm.

Helpers were asked to bring brooms and bags for rubbish, gloves etc.. The streets and shop fronts were successfully cleaned leaving shop owners free to tidy their displays.

Councilors, activists and others have been feeding information to the volunteers on which areas needed helping out. Its amazing to see a community pull togther so quickly when needed and I think people of Wolverhampton should be proud.

Many shop owners are unaware of our product that is on the market that would prevent broken windows and broken glass in their displays. In fact not only would it prevent this but it would keep looters out. If you know someone who owns a shop, why not suggest the WindowShield window to them – it looks just like an ordinary window but is in fact 200 – 300 times stronger. Shop windows are more secure than having shutters or rollers as you’ve probably seen on the riot footage how easily they are torn up since the window is unbreakable.

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