Riots, Looting and Criminal Damage – Be Safe

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You may of seen in the news this weekend a waive of criminal activity spreading throughout London. Riots and Looting spread from Tottenham to Enfield, Walthamstow and Waltham Forest in North London and Brixton in the south.

Metrolpolitan Police Commander Adrian Hanstock has said “This is not groups of people acting on the behalf of communities or with any consent. This is individuals who are actually attacking communities, businesses, properties and houses and actually causing a huge amount of upset and criminality.”

In circumstances like these nobody is safe, homes, shops and premises are all at risk. Crimeshield have two main products which help to protect shop and home owners alike from this kind of activity. Firstly there is the highly effective security window grill. Its Anti-vandal, anti-breakin window security. Impregnable against blows, rocks or pellet guns and yet visually appealing. There are no iron bars or traditional steel mesh, just a simple window grille that can be fitted to existing windows and looks equally effective mounted in traditional or contempory window frames.
Then there is the newer unbreakable window security barrier – WindowShield, over 200 times stronger than glass, 6mm thick, anti-scratch and UV protected creating an incredible resistance to violent attacks. While the crimeshield grille offers a subtle and unobtrusive security solution, the WindowShield takes this one step further. These high security windows offer an invisible protection. Whilst you wont notice anything different from your windows, the WindowShield offers protection that has to been seen to believed. Complete with a 10 year guarantee not to break burglars or vandals will walk when they realise they are unable to break or damage these windows. Most importantly though your property remains safe and in tact.

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