Windowshield Protects School ICT Suite

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A school in Dudley, West Midlands needed a product to protect their IT new suite. The school had had numerous breakins and needed a window security product that would fulfill 3 main needs :-

1)  To prevent breakins and the loss of their computers and projectors.

2) To prevent broken windows from mindless vandalism

3) As a primary school they desperately wanted to retain a frienly atmosphere around the school and therefore could not look at a product which in their words, “made the school look like a prison”.

After showing the Site Manager and the Headteacher the video of the “Windowshield” product, they could instantly see the benefits of using this system.

Unrivalled strength, totally unobtrusive looks, to the extent that our pictures hardly pick up the Windowshields below-

If you can’t see any barriers there its because it looks like glass and is therefore virtually invisible. To see Windowshield in action click here.

Can You Spot The Windowshield

Unrivalled Strength, No Unsightly Visual Impact

Window and Windowshield, Safe and Secure

Click on any picture to enlarge.

Months after installation this school no longer fears for the security of its IT equipment.

Attack Resistant, Chemical Resistant, increased strenth of 200 – 300 times that of normal glass. Unbreakable and will  not crack or shatter. Ideal for your school window security needs.

Windowshield has solved all of this schools security needs.!