Glass Protection for the High Street

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The new “Windowshield” product from Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd is set to bring a new security option for shops who have have recurring vandalism issues. Previously the only options were ugly steel roller shutters or removeable chicken wire grills, both of which detracted from the shop and the goods that were being displayed.

The “Windowshield” is a new development in highly specialised polycarbonate protection. The highly spec’d polycarbonate looks like glass, it doesn’t discolour like older perspex and less specialised polycarbonates yet is over 200 times stronger than a normal plate glass (see our video).
Shops on the High St can now protect there premises without losing any visibility through the window, therefore the displays still can attract the prospective customers outside normal opening hours.
Dressplace, a shop that has high cost clothing was looking to protect against smash and grab type attack, (with planning permission a significant restriction as more and more council frown upon roller shutters which spoil the look of the High St) the option of the “Windowshield was appealing as it gave an invisible security curtain around the valuable merchandise.

Invisible Protection

Total Security
“Windowshield”, the answer to secure glazing on the High Street.