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Before - Vandalised and an Eye-sore, Nottingham

After - A Secure Working Surgery Again

Vandalism can often affect not only the owner of a building but also the wider community. This was the case with a Doctors Surgery in Nottingham, the building had been attacked numerous times to the point that the Practice Manager could no longer warrant the constant cost of replacing the glazing. Replacement windows for Nottingham firms was big money!

This decision not only had an effect on the building but also on the doctors who were now working in rooms with no natural light or ventilation. It also affected the patients who were now having to visit an oppressive, depressing building, instead of a welcoming and safe enviroment to help with their problems.

After a consultation with the Nottingham window installer, who showed him a video of the “WindowShield”, he quickly realised that he needed security windows from Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd

6mm Thick Glazing Protection

The Practice Manager could see immediately how the anti-vandal security that the “WindowShield” could offer would not only give the security windows that he wanted but it would actually enhance his surgery.

Safe & secure

After just two days of installation the building was restored to how it should be, a welcoming and open building for the local community.

The “WindowShield” barriers not only gives virtually unbreakable window security, but it allows all of the natural light into the building and can even have an insulating effect by stopping heat loss through the windows