Dentist, Saved from Vandals

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A Dental practice in Telford have used Crimeshield window protection to save their building from a series of attacks involving local youths.

The building which is next to an unmanned railway station, had become targeted as the dark evenings of winter were drawing in and the attractive glazed bridge between their two buildings was constantly having theĀ glass smashed. A target for vandals.

Fences cannot stop bricks
After spending thousands of pounds on new glazing and then installing CCTV, the glass was still being regularly attacked as the perpetrators were just wearing hoodies or scarfs to disguise themselves.

After significant research and a search for denistry security the Dentists contacted a local Crimeshield Installer and a consultant was with them within 24hrs to advise and quote for the work needed.

Dentist security may not be an everyday search term but the Crimeshield Barrier with its 2mm perforated powdercoated mesh was the ideal solution to their problems. With its unrivalled strength yet visually unassuming appearance it restored the walkway to its original looks.

Once installed, the Crimeshield had fully secured the glazing against all forms of vandalism, yet had retained the aesthetic design and look that the architects vision had created.

Crimeshield Invisible Protection a perfect form of dentist security

No More Broken Windows

Safe for Years to Come