Crimeshield NHS Clinic

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A Birmingham architects office approached Crimeshield to help them design out crime for a new NHS clinic in Walsall , to be built in partnership with the Sandwell Lift Project and Laing O’Rourke Ltd.

Crimeshield on windows

The brief was to secure the glass in the windows and doors whilst not detracting from the architectural design of the building and also for the security to have minimal visual impact on the surounding area.

The Crimeshield Barrier was the ideal choice for this application, as the perforated design of the shield blended into the building, allowing well over 60% of natural light into the building, whilst preventing break-ins.

As can be seen in the attached pictures, the Crimeshield  is visually sympathetic to the Clinic, allowing people to go about there daily business unaware of the security around them and also the surounding urban enviroment is unaffected by the softer look of Crimeshield when compared to something like Galvanised steel roller shutters.

The success of the product was such that the LIFT Project Co.  has gone on to use Crimeshield products on numerous other projects.

CrimeShield Barrier was the first architectural product of its kind to be seen in the UK, revolutionising the physical security industry and offering an alternative to heavy ugly shutters.