Bags of Security

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Defence Against The Radley Bag Snatchers

The famous upmarket ladies bag manufacturer “Radley” (and there famous little terrier dog), had been having numerous break-ins at one of their distributor warehouses. Even though the building was protected by alarms this obviously was not deterringĀ opportunist smash and grab burglars. A product as well known and sought after as Radley Bags, was prime target for thieves who new that it would be easy to sell on.After a consultation with the local Crimeshield security window installer, the facilities manager could see

how theĀ Crimeshield product would give them the window security that they were looking for, without any detrimental visual effect on the building.

As can be seen from the picture, the lower part of the window has Crimeshield window protection installed, while the upper portion has no protection. The management felt that as the thefts were opportunist, that only the lower portion of the window needed to be protected. The aesthetics of the building were not compromised and as can be seen there is hardly any noticeable difference in the upper and lower portions of the window.