Protect Your Company Property From Criminals

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For any business, protecting your company property from theft or damage should be a key concern. Not only can replacing equipment be costly, but the loss in vital files and in working hours can ruin your reputation. It’s therefore vital to take steps to protect your office before it’s too late.

Prevent Unauthorised Entry

First and foremost you want to be sure to stop all unauthorised entry to your building. Your windows are the most vulnerable point in your building, and so they are the entry route of choice for burglars.

Simply reinforcing these with window grilles may be enough to keep unwanted visitors out, but if you have valuable property (e.g. computers) that can be seen from the windows, installing high security windows will offer higher levels of protection.

Take Steps to Vandal Proof Your Property

Vandals often target windows as an easy way to cause damage. However, if you have already installed window security, you may need additional anti vandal measures, such as anti vandal paint to prevent any other criminal damage.

Deter Burglars

The two best-known and perhaps most effective deterrants for burglars are security lights and burglar alarms. Both draw attention to their activities,which is their worst fear.

If your office is in the middle of an industrial estate, you may need an alarm system that automatically alerts the police, to see the benefit of such systems.

Gather Evidence of Criminal Activity

CCTV cameras do not necessarily prevent criminal activity, but they can ensure that any untoward activity that does occur is recorded and can be used as evidence.

Get Insurance to Cover Costs

Finally, however hard you try, it’s impossible to secure your company against every potential threat, so you should buy insurance for your business. There are different policies available on the market, from commercial insurance to business interruption insurance, so shop around for the best policy for you.

With carefully planning, you can help to ensure that your business and your assets are protected from criminals, so your business is as safe as possible.