How To Protect Your Home

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How to protect your home from burglars

It would seem that the only way to secure your home against burglars is to use alarm systems or heavy, ugly roller shutters which really have  no place on a family home. The problem with burglar alarms is that they only work once your house has been entered, ie. a burglar will have already broken a window or gained access through the door by the time the alarm goes off. As burglars are in the main opportunists, by the time the alarm has sounded and someone has responded to that alarm, the intruder will have already made his getaway with whatever he can carry.

Stopping the burglar gaining entry

Burglars gain entrance to a property either through the door or windows, therefore it goes without saying that if you can secure these entrance points you will be well on your way to preventing access to any unwanted intruders.

Whilst high security and multipoint locks will delay if not stop intruders entering through the front or rear doors, this still leaves the very exposed windows and door glazing.

“Windowshield” (see the video here) is the revolutionary glass protection system. It looks like glass and behaves like glass until it is attacked, it has incredible strength (over 200 times stronger than glass) and the would be burglar will find it impossible to gain access through it. The Windowshield is an aluminium frame that supports a specialist polycarbonate, this is then attached to the window to prevent access to the glass itself. It should be noted that the Windowshield is a retro-fit product, it cannot take the place of the glass but fits over the glazing to protect it. It can be fitted to both opening windows and fixed windows, the frame can be powdercoated to match the colour of the window frames so that after installation the Windowshield will blend into the background so that no one notices it. The only time that the Windowshield will be noticed woill be in the unfortunate event of an attemted break-in. At this point the would be intruder will find that he has picked the wrong property to attack (watch the video here).

How To Secure Your Home From Burglars

A layered approach is needed, good quality locks, perhaps an alarm, but if you are in fear of being broken into through your windows then the only option is Windowshield