Window Security Bars vs Window Security Grilles

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If you’re looking for a security solution for your windows, there are several different options to choose from.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at some of the alternatives to help you decide what’s best for your property.  First up: window security bars or window grilles, which is best for you?

Securing Windows to Prevent Break-ins

Both bars and grilles act as an effective deterrent to burglars.

Glass windows are the most vulnerable point in a building and so, the easiest access route for unauthorised entrants.  Security grilles and bars place a barrier between the would-be burglar and your window, cutting off their entry route and keeping the contents of your property safe.

Can Security Bars or Grilles Prevent Vandalism?

If you are having problems with vandals attacking your business or home, window bars are not the security product for you.  The bars will allow small objects, such as air pellets, to pass through them.  This means that with security window bars your property is still vulnerable to vandalism.

Security Window Grilles, on the other hand, are a highly effective means of preventing window breakages.  The glass is protected against damage from blows – including air gun pellets.

Safety and Window Bars & Grilles

Any physical security product should be able to stop people getting into your property – the difficulty is if you need to get out.

If there is a fire, the window may be the only escape route available.  It has been suggested that window bars may hamper escape.  Security grilles such as Crimeshield, on the other hand, can be installed so that windows can still be opened meaning in an emergency occupants can still escape.

How do Window Security Products affect Visibility?

There can be wide variations in the light levels inside a property with window security.  This is largely due to the variety of types and styles of bars and grilles available.

Generally speaking, window bars will let more light in, offering greater visibility indoors.  The Crimeshield security grille, however, allows up to 60% of natural light to shine through it, so high levels of visibility are maintained.

Appearance of Window Grilles vs Bars

Window bars are a bold and highly visible security solution.  While this provides a more obvious deterrent to criminals, it also has a greater impact on the aesthetics of a building.

Security bars can be ugly and unwelcoming, creating the impression that a building isn’t “safe”.  For residential buildings, they may even devalue your house, as they can be offputting for buyers.  Inside the building, occupants may find they feel “closed in” or trapped by bars on windows.  Should you wish to install more pleasing window security bars there are decorative versions available that may be more expensive.

Security Grilles however range from decorative visible deterrents to unobtrusive meshes.  Crimeshield falls into the second category, with a special design that looks like tinted glass, while giving outstanding protection.

It’s difficult to choose the right window security solution whether it’s for your home or business.  Think about your area and why you need protection – if burglary is your main concern either window bars or grilles will give you peace of mind.  If vandalism is more of an issue for you security bars may not be enough.