Security Window Barriers & Window Grilles: Stay Safe, Feel Secure

Protect your Premises

Perforated Mesh Barrier

Highly effective security window grill.
– Anti-vandal, anti-breakin, window security
– Impregnable against blows rocks, or pellet guns
– Visually appealing security
Protect your Premises

Unbreakable Clear Barrier

Unbreakable window security barrier.
– Over 200 times stronger than glass
– 6mm thick, anti-scratch and UV protected
– Incredible resistance to violent attack.


“I am very impressed with the Windowshield product. Since it was fitted I have been able to relax, safe in the knowledge that my stock will not be susceptible to smash and grab robberies. In addition, it offers excellent protection from sunlight damage. The windows are ascetically pleasing, unobtrusive and easy to keep clean. I would certainly recommend Crimeshield Ltd.”
by Helen Dickson Dressplace
  • Does your client need window security that won’t affect the appearance of their building?
  • Are you worried about vandals attacking your property – but you don’t want to put up ugly bars?
  • Has your home or office been targeted by burglars who break windows to gain entry?

Then the range of window security barriers & grills produced by Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd is for you.

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Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd is acknowledged as the market leading manufacturer of window and door glazing security in the UK – so you know that you can trust every item in our range. If you are looking for a high quality security window, then look no further.

We are the only manufacturers of the original Crimeshield barrier in the UK. Crimeshield was the first perforated window security mesh of this type in the UK, and it was the first product of this type to be insurance-approved.

There are now inferior copies available here in the UK and abroad and Crimeshield has become the generic name for this style of window security barrier. So if you want to make sure you are getting quality, originality and best, you need to talk to us.

If you need to make sure that your window barriers are completely “invisible” then you need our latest product, the Windowshield attack resistant security window. Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd is the only manufacturer of this high quality security solution, and is again putting itself at the forefront of glazing security technology.

Who uses our security windows and barriers?


  • Architects – incorpriate our window security products
  • Entertainment Venues – use our window security
  • Shop Owners – love to use our window security
  • Schools – use our window security
  • Dentists – also use our window security
  • Factories – secure their windows with our security
  • Superior Security Services

Crimeshield and Windowshield window security barriers are used in all types of commercial, industrial and local government buildings. Schools, doctors surgeries, offices, places of worship and shops have all been fitted with the range from Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd.

Architects specify Crimeshield and Windowshield for new builds, building owners ask for our products to be fitted into existing windows and doors, companies offering top quality security windows are proud to use our range.